Highlighted Team Members

John Politsky



John, the CEO and founder of WeSpeak Easy, brings 25 years of technology experience to the company. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18, which is when he started and ran a successful disc jockey/entertainment company for 20 years. John’s vision for WeSpeak Easy is to take the complex world of design and marketing and make it as simple and straightforward for their clients as possible.


Alicia Blackburn

MacGyver / Lead Developer


As the Lead Developer at WeSpeak Easy, Alicia brings a passion for creative problem solving to the company. Through coding, research, and continuous learning, Alicia ensures clients have websites built on industry best practices that are ready for the future.


Lynn Del Vecchio

Marketing Strategist


As the Marketing Strategist at WeSpeak Easy, Lynn brings over six years of experience in the copywriting/digital marketing industry. Through social media, copywriting, and other marketing tactics, Lynn ensures clients’ audiences are reached in unique and innovative ways.


Christine Reynolds

Graphic Designer


Christine is a graphic designer at WeSpeak Easy. Her clients have ranged from tiny local startups  to giant international pharmaceutical companies, and she’s worked with everyone in between. While her favorite type of project is logo design, she is well-versed in branding, website design, social media graphics, and more.



Anna Batt

Marketing Copywriter


Anna assists the WeSpeak Easy team with copywriting, editing, and optimizing online content. She brings a diverse range of experience in marketing, music journalism, and communications. Anna is passionate about writing, SEO, and all things pop culture.