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No matter what your goals are for marketing and websites, it is important to us that businesses in our community succeed. If you succeed, we succeed – this is the City of Brotherly Love after all. That’s why we don’t just offer marketing and web design services; we also offer educational services to give you the tools to be the marketer of your business. Whatever path you choose, we want to make it easy and affordable, so if you want to start your journey with us, come on in! The password is Jocko.

It’s a Culture

If you know anything about Philadelphia, you know it’s an attitude, not a city. We are the scrappy underdogs trying to prove ourselves day in and day out. We are the city that gets knocked down but always gets back up. We are loud, honest, and tough but always welcoming of newcomers willing to accept our attitude and culture. WeSpeak Easy embraces this mentality in everything we do. That same passion, creativity, and determination courses through our veins. It has helped us create a company culture where we fight for the success of our client’s, each other, and our community every day.

Core Values

Embrace Brotherly Love.

Like our fellow Philadelphians, we treat each other like family by being honest and taking care of our community. We are accountable for our mistakes, rather than sweeping them under the rug, and understand they are an opportunity to learn and rebuild. There is no fear of taking chances or failing, because we are never chastised by our team. Instead, we dust ourselves off and work together to solve any problems or mistakes that may arise along the way.

Learn. Teach. Repeat.

We are lucky to have a team of people who love to learn, whether that’s by reading books, watching videos, or being hands on. From our passion of learning stemmed a desire to share our new knowledge with each other and the people we meet. That’s how marketing education blossomed into a service. We approach every day with an open-mind for learning, willingness to teach, and drive to do it again.

Create an awesome experience.

Trying to make every experience epic just takes a little creativity. Sometimes, it’s gestures like sending someone flowers on their birthday or taking time to go above-and-beyond on something the client really cares about. Other times, it’s the simple things like always showing up on time for calls and meetings. There’s no wrong way to approach creating an awesome experience as long as you’re trying, and we try every chance we get.

Don’t settle for good enough.

Under no circumstances do we settle for good enough, and we don’t understand people who do. We approach every project – no matter how big or small – with the same level of attention and importance. Even when timelines and deadlines are tight, we will not rush through things just to get them done, because there’s no pride in that. Our goal is provide a product we are proud enough to show off and clients love enough to call their own every time.

Don’t be an asshole.

This is a pretty straightforward one. Is what you’re about to do something an asshole would do? Don’t do it. Is what you’re about to say something an asshole would say? Don’t say it. Sure, sometimes personalities or ideas clash, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to be rude to the other person. You get what you give, so always give positive vibes to everyone: clients, vendors, team members, random people on street – everyone.

Are we your perfect match?

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