Are you playing the game… or becoming a game-changer?

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing differs from traditional marketing because it attracts customers through content and interactions that are informative, relevant, and helpful, rather than interruptive. Today, content best reaches consumers through social media, blogs, and search engines.

The inbound marketing methodology is all about drawing customers in at different levels of product and brand awareness. As opposed to traditional marketing methods, the inbound methodology doesn’t involve buying your audience’s attention – it earns your audience’s interest. Rather than simply generating traffic that never returns to your site, this method ensures users keep coming back and creates a process that leads consumers to making a purchase.

Inbound Marketing Process

It’s all about the process

It’s not helpful to attract the wrong traffic to your site. We want people to visit your site who are likely to become leads and then, happy customers, so the first step is to attract the right people. We do this by studying your competition, researching what your customers want, and enticing them to visit your website and other digital profiles.

The next step is to convert your website visitors into leads; we do this by gathering their contact information and offering something of use in return, such as a coupon, downloadable fact sheet, eBook, or whitepaper. We want to give them a reason to visit your site over your competitors’ and convert them into visitors who keep coming back. We also build up your authority as a thought leader in the industry and create loyalty in your audience.

Now that we’ve gathered leads, it’s important to transform leads into customers. Leads aren’t valuable unless there is an action to turn them into actual customers. This is where tools like CRM systems, closed-loop reporting, emails, and marketing automation come into play.

In the end, inbound marketing is all about creating excellent content for leads, visitors, or existing customers. It’s important to engage with and delight visitors, no matter what stage they are in the buyer’s journey to build credibility and spread the word about your service or product.

From personas to social media, landing pages, and surveys, we have the knowledge and tools to grow your customer base. Want to learn more about the inbound marketing process? We’re happy to help! Contact us today for more information.