The Philadelphia cheesesteak we decided to try next is controversial for many different reasons – it’s on a round roll, cheese wiz isn’t an option, and it’s served in Camden. Admittedly, we were skeptical like most Philly natives, but people actually leave Philadelphia and head to Donkey’s Place for a cheesesteak, and there’s something to be said about that.

To put into perspective our feelings about Donkey’s, I’ve thought about their cheesesteaks every day since I’ve had one. Every day. The cheesesteak is slathered between the pieces of meat, the meat is high-quality and thin, and the bread soaks up the grease from the meat giving the entire sandwich a density, weight, and taste that is unmatched.

I don’t think I can properly articulate just how good this Philadelphia cheesesteak is – and yes, it’s a Philadelphia cheesesteak. Just one bite of a steak from Donkey’s, and you’ll understand why it belongs among the greatest sandwiches you can buy. They also offer a pepper mix you can add on your steak, and you NEED to put it on. If you’ve watched our video review, you can see me slather that peppery goodness all over because it is amazing. The peppers take a great steak and raise it to levels that didn’t even seem achievable.

But the charm of Donkey’s Place isn’t even just the phenomenal cheesesteak. Inside, the walls and shelves are packed with knick-knacks they’ve gathered throughout their 76 years. There are people from all walks of life sitting and laughing together – from men in suits to construction workers to taxi drivers. Regardless of who you are and what you do, you are welcome at Donkey’s and that’s a type of camaraderie you won’t find at any other cheesesteak joint.

If you’re still on your high horse about how Donkey’s doesn’t count as a Philadelphia cheesesteak, go ahead and stay up there. No, really. It’s fine – the wait time will be shorter for pickups. The rest of us will be down here munching away on what could possibly be the best cheesesteak around.