On our quest to rank all the Philadelphia cheesesteaks, we decided to venture to Campo’s Deli next. I know Geno’s seemed like the logical choice since we just had Pat’s, but we weren’t in the mood for a mediocre, overhyped steak (another rant for another day). We are admittedly not strangers to Campo’s – they deliver to our office and have more than one location, so it’s an easy cheesesteak to find. However, we’ve never actually been to their main location, so we wanted to get a freshly made, piping hot steak to fairly determine how delicious it is.

Without even biting into it, the bread already looked promising. Rather than being hard and tough, it was springy with cheese oozing out of the sides. After the first bite, it got even better. The bread was soft and cheesy but not soggy. The meat was chopped to perfection with absolutely no overly fatty, chewy, or tough pieces. Rather than having to whip our heads back and forth trying to tear our bites away from the sandwich, we just bit down and chewed away. It was so easy to eat that it took less than 10 minutes to finish the whole thing.

Now, I don’t know if Campo’s Deli was listening to our rant about the importance of cheese distribution (doubtful), but there was cheese in every single bite. Someone took the time to open the roll and slather the cheese on there, which is what dreams are made of. The cheese in Campo’s cheesesteaks is next level compared to a lot of other Philadelphia cheesesteaks, so we thank you.

However, there is a word of caution for Campo’s Deli. If you go to the Wells Fargo Center and see Campo’s, don’t do it. Their steaks are nothing like what you get at the actual Old City location. Last time I got one at the Wells Fargo Center, it had pieces of meat so hard it felt like trying to bite through plastic, and the meat was so dry, I needed to buy a bottle of water. I guess that’s the issue with franchising your location – lack of quality control.

At the end of the day, Campo’s Deli has a delightful amount of cheese, soft rolls, and perfectly chopped meat, making it one of the better Philadelphia cheesesteaks. Sure, their website’s SEO may be so obvious it’s slightly irritating, but they can keyword stuff as much as they want if they keep making cheesesteaks so tasty. If you want to see more about our thoughts on Campo’s Deli, check out our video below.