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Traditional marketing efforts are becoming less and less effective because rather than only reaching your targeted audience, you are paying to have your brand seen by a large pool of people, some of whom wouldn’t benefit from your product. This means you will spend more money but see a smaller return on investment. It’s time for you and your company to think out-of-box, and employ inbound marketing experts.

The undisputed most effective way to cultivate business online, inbound marketing focuses on identifying your ideal customers, pinpointing their wants and needs, and creating content that aligns with their interests. This strategy will drive customers to you rather than spending money to get in front of them. Specializing on working customers through the sales funnel, our inbound marketing coordinators will turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

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During the awareness stage, people know they have a problem, but they haven’t clearly defined what it is or how to solve it. They don’t have enough information to act, so they are digging around the web to learn more about their problem and hopefully find the best possible solution.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in. Rather than trying to push your products and services on people in this stage, you should be generating educational content on the topics they are searching for. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and answer their questions and concerns in a non-based, honest way to establish trust and credibility in your business.


The people who make it to this stage have identified their problem and decided it’s time to find a solution. They are looking at the different methods available and weighing the pros and cons of each. If you caught the buyer’s eye during the awareness stage, then you are a serious contender in the consideration stage.

Content in this stage should still be educational, but it should be more specific to your company and its offerings. Demonstrate why your company’s services work, but keep in mind you don’t want to sway everyone to become a buyer – just the people who are a good fit. Once you understand that, you will generate more effective leads and decrease client turnover.


Think of the decision stage as your last chance to sway the buyer. At this point, they’ve done all the research, identified their problem, selected the correct method of solving it, and are finally ready to make a decision of what company to buy from.

The people you are creating content for in the decision stage just need a small push to become a customer of your company. You need to sweeten the deal by offering enticing calls-to-action, such as a free trial, demo, discount, or coupon. Ask yourself what the buyer’s hang ups on your product may be and alleviate them to close more leads and increase customer retention.


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