Digital marketing has a ton of pieces, so it can be difficult to find digital marketing training that encompasses everything. Well, if you’re like us and you want to make sure you are using best practices for every tactic and strategy technique related to digital marketing, you can take courses on individual topics! Here are our favorite online courses and certifications for anyone looking to get a firm grasp on digital marketing:

Inbound Marketing – HubSpot

HubSpot is well-known as the best inbound marketing experts around, so it should come as no surprise they have some of the best digital marketing training. They offer a free inbound certification, which teaches inbound fundamentals, how to attract strangers to your business, how to convert visitors, how to close leads, and how to delight your customers. All you need to do is create a free account, take the several hour long course, pass the certification test. and you’re all set. The best part is they just released a new, updated version, so you know you’ll be getting the most up-to-date practices offered online.

Content Marketing – Content Marketing Institute

Another well-respected company, Content Marketing Institute has an online academy that offers one thing: a content marketing certification. This is a very long and detailed course taking you through even the tiniest details related to planning, audience, story, channels, process, conversation, and measurement. However, don’t feel overwhelmed, because you have access to the materials for 12 months, giving you time to finish at your own pace. The course is $995 a person, but it is well-worth the money. They only have enrollment periods every season, so make sure you lock in your summer spot before June 30!

Analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the preferred analytics platform by nearly all businesses, and they offer great certifications, too. There are two analytics certifications: Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics. The beginners certification introduces you to the platform, shows you how to set it up, explains all the different sections, shows you how to set up reports, and explains campaign and conversion tracking. The advanced one goes into data collection and processing, advanced analysis tools and techniques, and advanced marketing tools. Each course is several hours and requires you to pass an exam. They are both free, so there’s nothing stopping you from becoming an analytics master.

SEO – DigitalMarketer

There aren’t a ton of SEO certifications flying around, but DigitalMarketer does offer a Search Marketing Mastery course. This eight-hour certification discusses the state of search marketing, SEO goals, intent-based SEO, and all the tactics and strategy you can leverage to boost rankings. This certification is for immediate or advanced SEO specialists, so I’d recommend taking time to learn the basics before jumping in. The certification is $995; however, if that price is too high, they do offer just the course for $495. Either way, you will receive the same content and handouts. This training is also a little old, but the content is still relevant.

Facebook Ads – Facebook

Many people will be shocked to learn Facebook actually offers digital marketing training, including courses on Facebook advertising. They offer several free courses on many topics, such as ad auction and delivery overview, ad policies, how to create ads, how to edit and manage ads, extending your campaign’s reach, and more. While these are designed for Facebook ads, there are also a handful of courses that touch on Instagram, too. If you think you’ve mastered Facebook ads, they do offer a certification where you must demonstrate core competencies. However, for what I understand, it’s a doozy.

Social Media – Hootsuite

For an overall social media marketing course, Hootsuite offers free online courses and a $199 certification. One free course is designed around succeeding at social marketing and has sections on developing strategy, growing community, best practices, utilizing video, and anything else you’d need to learn to boost your social media marketing efforts. Like most other courses, it will take several hours to complete, but it is a great way to get a solid grasp on maximizing social media marketing across all social platforms.

If in-person digital marketing training is more your style, we will be having a free Digital Marketing 101 course on June 12, 2018 held at 2 p.m. in Fishtown. Learn more about this upcoming course or register at See ya there!